House rules

Elven Magic

Elves are naturally magical beings, so they don’t learn magic as Magic-Users do. They live, breathe and understand magic by their instinct.

Elves don’t have to memorize spells, but they can cast any spell at will they know.

When leveling up randomly determine new spells as in that character level. Elves cannot learn more spells than their level grants. This is how they grow as persons and beings.

Elves have “magic points” MP as many as their character level.

Spells costs as many MP as the spell level is.

When no more MP left Elf can try to force-cast the spell. Roll save vs. Spell+spell level.
With a successful save vs. the spell is cast normally.
With a failed save vs. the spell cannot be cast at that time.
With a natural 1 the spell burns the caster and the Elf takes damage or ill effect on herself.

Explosive Dice

Dice rolls explode. When the highest possible number is rolled, roll again and add. Explosive dice are used for example for:
a) Initiative (normally 1d6 + initiative modifier)
b) Damage
c) Loot value (gems and jewels etc.)

The Mighty D30

Once per playing session player can roll D30 instead of any other dice once. Except for rolling new HP, character stats or like. Usually The Mighty D30 is rolled for:
a) Initiative
b) Saves
c) Damage

Death And Dying

If character’s (or important NPC) HP reaches 0 character is not dead, but unconscious, beaten, incapacitated. She cannot act, only mumble simple words – if even that! The character is either healed, or she suffers the consequences. Slow healing, scars, Ability penalty, captured by bad guys etc.

0 HP means that the battle is lost (for that character or for entire party if all go to 0 HP), not that they die horribly.

Attribute Increase

When a character gains a level she can put +1 to an Attribute of her choice. Record new modifiers, if the +1 affects any.

House rules

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