Elvar Guardsson

Simple guardmaster's son from The Village Of Spawnwood Forest.


Name: Elvar Guardsson
Alignment: Good
Class: Fighter (human)
Level: 2st

HP 10
AC 6

STR 12 (0 to hit, dmg, open doors_)
DEX 10 (
0 to AC, missile attacks, initiative_)
CON 10 (0 to HP, save versus poison, res. shock_)
INT 8 (0 spell prob, min/max_)
WIS 9 (_0 saving throw modifier
CHA 8 (
+1 reaction, 3 retainers, 6 morale)

Breath: 15 Poison/Death 12 Petrify/Paralyze 14 Wands 13 Spells 16

Spear, 1d6
Dagger, 1d4

Leather, AC 7
Shield, AC -1

Equipment (worth to mention)
Riding horse


The son of the guardmaster’s son of The Village Of The Spawnwood Forest. Young and eager and ready to start his adventurer’s career. As much as he loves his home village, he finds it a little dull.

Plans to retire in his home village when he has gained experience and treasures as an adventurer to help his town.

Combat Tactic: First throws spear and then attacks in melee with his dagger.

Elvar Guardsson

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